if the gimp developers really have the time to improve the userinterface
I would be happy to discuss things with them. I have a few years
experience with user interfaces and DIN EN ISO 9241 and perhaps can give
some hints (even if I do not do my own projects always with
"softwareergonomie" in mind).
Unfortunatly I am no gtk developer and my time as motif developer lays a
few years back.

In germany companies that force their employees to work with sofware
with bad user interfaces can be condemned to pay up to 25000$ since
1.1.2000 (theoretically!). 

I followed the discussion on this list and would like to bring in my
opinion on three points:

- the style guide from microsoft is a very good book even for non
windows programmers, it would be a good idea if microsoft forced their
programmers to read it ..
- timecop understands some important points in doing good user interface
- timecop seems to not understand at all how free software projects like
gimp work

Best regards,

PS: for german developers a good start for getting a first impression on
this is


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