On Monday, 18 Dec 2000, David Neary wrote:

> I've fixed a bug (bug #9156), but I don't know how to go about
> submitting the fix (making a diff file, where to send it, that kind of
> thing) - can someone point me to a page that explains it, or should I
> post it here? It's a one-line fix...


If it is just a one-line fix, please post it here.  Longer patches
should be uploaded to ftp.gimp.org's "incoming" directory; follow the
instructions there.

You can make a patch file by running:

   diff -u origfile.c fixedfile.c  >patch-file

You can then include patch-file in your email to the list, either as
an attachment or just by cutting and pasting the text in.

The -u option to diff asks for the "unified" diff style, which is both
more readable to humans, and also more robust.   Not all versions of
diff understand -u: if yours doesn't just use -c instead ("context"


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