Please make a UltraFractal clone.
UltraFractal is a program who draws many fractals. All the power of the
program stays only in some scripts with fractal formulas, coloring methods
so it is not hard(for an experieced program) to write (or to modify an
existent) formula parser. All types of features who exists in UltraFractal
exists also in The GIMP too (eg. Alpha Channel support, Layers, etc), so
they can be "linked" toghether to produce all fractals from UltraFractal.
All thing is to be done is a formula interpreter that interprets all
formulas/parameter, I think that you don't need to know much about fractals
because, like I said, all formulas/types are in external scripts.
Please test UltraFractal ( to see that even if the images 
obtained from it are great, it will be not very hard to "clone" it on GIMP.
After instll it please see the *.ucl, *.ufm, *.uxf files from the
UltraFractal directory or read the "UltraFractal programming" help.
Even if you'll make only a formula intrepreter (without interface) it will
be great. 
I recomand to do this as a "The Gimp" PLUG-IN.
If you'll do this, The Gimp will be known also as "the best fractal
rendering tool"; a good reason for this is also the post-rendering
retouching capabilities in The GIMP (I mean after you render a fractal you can 
the image with paint tools from The Gimp) who doesn't exists in
Unfortunately, UltraFractal is not free :-(, so if you'll make a clone of it
you'll give to us the freedom....
Please make it; you'll make many people happy.
Thank you very much.

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