On Wed, Dec 20, 2000 at 08:19:01PM +0000, Nick Lamb wrote:
> > In the border cases (alpha = 0, alpha = 255) this produces exact
> > results.  In the intermediate ones, the maximum difference between
> > doing a "slow but accurate" division and all this bit twiddling is at
> > most 1.  So it is just what you want.
> This would probably be OK for display, but it's not acceptable in the
> Gimp's internals where errors might propagate.

Oh, this reminds me something about the alpha channel I would qualify as
a bug, but maybe I misunderstood something: Alpha to selection + invert
+ paint does NOT fill the whole alpha channel. Is this the correct
behaviour ?

Steps to reproduce:
- New image/100x100 RGB White
- Foreground color: Black
- Filters/Render/Pattern/Grid/1 2 0
- New layer/100x100 Transparent
- Foreground color: Red
- Brush: Circle Fuzzy 19
- Tool: Paint brush
=> Do draw something (let's say: a cross)
- Layers/Alpha to selection
- Select/Invert
- Tool: Fill (options: 100 Normal 255)
=> Do fill

You should have a red square, but the cross is still here.


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