Henning Sauer wrote:
> Is their a way to correct this behaviour and build an RPM ?

Certainly. I'd be happy to look at the RPM file and fix it. Its probably a
minor thing. Everytime I look at .spec files I learn something. The problem
is that with Christmas just about here, I may (but may not) have a chance
to look at it later today or early tomorrow. If not, I won't be able to
look at this until sometime in the afternoon on the 27th of this month at
the earliest.

I'm tempted to have my name put down as the maintainer of the .spec file as
I like building RPMs when needed. I have rolled a few of my own already
from source files. I do have a remote site I administer where I could store
SRPM and RPM files. Consider my name written down in pencil for now. After
Christmas I'll see if it will get written down in ink.

Happy holidays to everyone!


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