Hi, all.

> I want it! Hey, this is interactive Script-Fu! There should definitely
> be an option to view and manipluate the trees. The possibilities are
> endless. (e.g.: change a Dynamic Text and have changes propagate
> automatically; very nice for batch jobs - perform task once, launch
> "feed-and-save-lots-of-images" plugin and tell it what files to load and
> where to save them; etc. etc.)

  Just to throw some info on this truly exciting idea for Gimp, I ask
you dudes to take a look at Khoros, which is a package mainly aimed at
image processing. It uses something similar to such boxes, called
'glyphs'. It even has a visual editor to construct dataflows, called

  It's a pity, Khoros used to be free (in the beer sense, anyway), but
now you have to pay for it. Its website is rather scarce of
screenshots, but you can take a look at:


  From what I remember from an early version that I used at
university, each box runs as a separate Unix process with the data
passed in a standard file format through pipes. I guess this can be
much more improved preformance-wise...

  BTW, their white paper has few more details and images:


    Marcelo Malheiros

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