> I bet that gave you a warm and fuzzy feeling to write a response like
> that.  If instead you (or others) focused on the issues rather than "bad
> language" things would have been a lot better.

If you hadn't put them under a pile of fucks and shits then maybe I
would have been able to see them. I'm not going to reiterate what has
been said already about the developers trying their best, the only thing
I'd like to add is that perhaps you should think about other peoples
opinions and preferences as well. Just because you don't use tear-off
menus doesn't mean nobody does, and that they are therefor worthless.
And in the same fashion, you may not like the tree structure of the
Preferences box, other people (like me) think it's nice. You're not the
only gimp user you know.

Then, there's no need to command the gimp developers. You didn't pay for
the software, and the license clearly states that there is no warranty
for fitness for any particular purpose. If you don't like it, you can
always use another program. I imagine Photoshop does have a nice
interface. And if you don't like MS then you can run it on a Mac. Buying
Photoshop has the additional advantage that you can complain about the
product with Adobe and, given the fact that you paid for it, expect them
to add the features you want to add. Free Software doesn't work that

Lastly, it would be nice if you built some sort of argument around your
opinions, instead of stating them as fact (I'm talking, amongst others,
about the comment you made about GNOME being an "obsolete desktop
environment". I'm not saying it isn't, I just wouldn't know why, and I
expect some arguments to go with such a statement).
> This is almost same as flaming a very reasonable email because of "bad
> spelling".  Instead, you should have just written that response in a text
> file, laughed about it, and then go back to whatever you do for a living.

I realise that this is not a humour list and as such my post was
off-topic. Also, people may not like my sense of humour, in which case
the message was useless to them. If I offended or annoyed anyone with my
mail please accept my apologies.

However, I don't think that using foul language and an angry, demanding
tone is comparable to bad spelling. Spelling correctly is pretty
difficult, especially for people for whom English is not a first
language (and I even know some English people who make mistakes rather
often). People spelling badly try to do it correctly though, and they
make mistakes simply because they don't know how to do it correctly.
Your subsequent post has proven that you are quite capable of writing in
a more friendly and polite manner, and as such I think that you should
do so. I don't believe that you really are an evil person, and many of
your statements are valid. But as Sven said before, putting them like
that and expecting people to read around the insults and give you an
answer to your question would be to expect others to be very much more
professional in their writing than you are in yours, and I don't think
that that is a very reasonable expectation.


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