On Monday, 11 Dec 2000, Paul E.C. Melis wrote:

> Hi, I wrote about the "initial_sub_region:: error :: src->w * (src->bytes +
> 1) > 521" bug/message to this list some time ago, and now it appears
> somebody has submitted a bug report to the bug list about it (which I should
> have done myself in the first place, I guess). That somebody obviously
> entered the subject line by hand, because now it reads "> 521", instead of
> "512", but thanks anyway :-)
> However, the automated confirmation message sent to me from bugs.gnome.org
> (see below) says the report did not include a Package: line. I attempted to
> reassign the report to package gimp, but everything I send to either
> control@, request@, [EMAIL PROTECTED] is failing to arrive
> there. Do you need special permission to do this stuff? I scanned most of
> the help on bugs.gnome.org but couldn't find anything there about it. Also,
> I have no way of accessing the ticket with this number, the bugs site can't
> find it :/ Am I too wait before it appears somewhere?

Sorry - my fault.  I submitted the bug report on your behalf, and
forgot to add the Packages line.

I'll fix the typo in the title, and reassign it to gimp for you.


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