Moritz Grimm writes:
 > These flames don't seem to work any more

Well, somebody complained on the gimpwin-users mailing list that the
*earlier* GIMP release's flame plug-in did not work very well compared
to how it works on Unix... I really don't understand how the plug-in
works... so I guessed wildly that maybe switching random number
generator (from rand() to GLib's g_random_int()) might help.

It did have some visible effect, but I still didn't manage to produce
anything even vaguely like the example images on . Maybe the flame plug-in is very sensitive
to what random number generator is used, and works well only with the
random() function available on most Unixes (but not in MS's C
library). Does anybody on gimp-developer have any idea?

However, now that I read that webpage, I notice that there is a
stand-alone flame generator for Windows, using the same algorithms,
available at . Have a look at
that... It probably is faster than the GIMP flame plug-in.


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