Martin Weber ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Now that we have the new gimp 1.2.0 out, we should think about adding
> new plugins to the gimp. Here my proposal:

Basically the number of plugins distributed with the gimp will most probably
shrink. We are thinking about a new scheme of distributing plugins.
There is no final result of this discussion.

> 3. Not yet adopted to the new gimp, but stable in the old version:
> quant.c from gimp-unstable-plugins from the old 1.0.4. gimp.

quant used to crash sometimes deeply in the quantizing algorithm where
I have no idea of....

> 4. Scripts:
> lcd-downscale.scm

Do you think, this script ios so importand it should be distributed with
the Gimp? It has a fairly experimental nature...


Is in Gimp 1.2.

> warp-sharp.scm

Do you think it is useful to duplicate the same functionality, just because
it is implemented in two different Languages?


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