Dear all,

I have the following concern with `gimptool':

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Problem: when gimptool is used in install-libexecPROGRAMS, it does not
allow the use of DESTDIR like all of the other install commands in the
makefile. The --prefix option to it has no effect, and neither does
$PREFIX, although it is mentioned in the manpage (unless it is
referring to the original prefix when building the gimp). 
This means that 'make DESTDIR=/tmp/inst install' fails. This is a real
defect in gimptool if there is no way round it.

Is there a way to modify the behaviour of gimptool to allow a prefix to 
be prepended onto the installation path when using e.g. `gimptool 
--install-admin-bin ...'. This would make packaging for e.g. Debian 
much simpler as one could install everything into a virtual tree.
If there is no such way at present, please could you consider adding 
the functionality to gimptool?

Best Regards,
Roger Leigh

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given the address. Please could you CC any replies, or mail me the 
details of how to subscribe to the list. Thanks.

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