> Basically the following behaviour could be observed:
> "make" crashes at the FIRST RUN saying that gimpwidgets.o would not exist -
> even though it does. Running "make" a second time runs smooth - no problems.
> "make install" crashes always at the FIRST RUN saying:
> ln -s ../../dialogs
> /usr/share/gimp/1.2/help/C/toolbox/help/dialogs
> ln: cannot create symbolic link `/usr/share/gimp/1.2/help/C/toolbox/help/dialogs
> ' to `../../dialogs': No such file or directory

I'm not an expert, but what version of GTK do you have? You need 1.2.8,
it will not work with 1.3 developer versions.

I don't think that that's it, because I think you would have gotten
other errors too then, but since it complains about the widgets it's a


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