On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 11:13:00AM +0200, Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> of people who don't care building GLib or GTK+, but do want to build
> *other* GTK+ applications. They are the the ones that sometimes ask
> "where is gtk-config?".
> > (c:\gnu\gtk+ required ;)
> If it only was so easy... I can easily imagine that a potential GTK+

But wouldn't it be possible to make a gtk-config.bat? Given the
estristcion to use the same compiler as used to build gtk+ this should be
easily doable.

> > yes, but msvc isn't and when you pick, e.g. activestate as your perl then
> Umm, huh? Gcc-produced code (from C source) is binary compatible with
> MSVC-produced. (As long as you use the -fnative-struct switch to gcc.)

The problem is that the compilers themselves are not compatible:

- msvc lacks good C support (long long), so perl might define I64 as __long or
  something which gcc might glady ignore :(
- gcc uses different commandline syntax, so whatever gtk-config outputs might
  not be soemthing that the compiler likes.
> OK, great. I will first try to get Gimp-Perl running without Gtk-Perl
> then.

Just hammer bugs on me and I'll (try to) fix them ;) Thanks!

> configure, and libtool on Win32. At least it's much faster. You can
> imagine how slowly auto* and libtool run on Win98, or cygwin hosted on
> Win98 even.

No, I can't, although I heard that the fork-emulation would be.... slow.
However, running configure for gimp on unix takes too long, so.... but
usually my machine is too slow ;)

> (PS. When I considered using a Perl running under cygwin, I was on the
> wrong track. Cygwin is its own operating system in a way, so using
> cygwin-hosted tools to build for Win32 is a cross-compilation. It
> isn't possible to cross-compile Perl modules, is it?)

Well, perl modules use whatever they are told by ExtUtils::MakeMaker,
which could be abused to do cross-compiling. But just like configure, most
modules will want to run the resulting exectables, which is not possible
with a cross compile, so it WILL be easier to not even try it.

But mingw32 + cygwin (for the shell utils only) should work, no?

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