As I was reading 'Grokking the GIMP' I came up with some ideas.  
Unfortunantly, I don't have the skills/knowledge to implement these 
myself, So I hope I can describe them well enough that you can 
figure out what I'm thinking.  If I still don't make sense, I can make 
some illustrations to help explain them.

        Select Within
Adds to the selection everything that is fully contained within the 
(An option for this) Leave large areas unselected (checkbox with 
slider for minimum large size)

        Select Gradient
This is hard to explain.  It acts like the magic wand, but it keeps 
going as long as there is a smooth change.  It doesn't care about 
the originating pixel, just as long as there is little change from pixel 
to pixel, it will keep going.

This would be VERY useful when creating backgrounds.  When 
you (paint|select|etc.) near an edge, effects are automaticly applied 
on the other side of the image.

        Background Remover
Used for defringing.  Makes an edge partialy transparent and 
removes the background color from the semi-transparent area.
(Imagine a black area bluring onto a white background)
In this example the gray area would be made black, and the 
transparancy would be adjusted to give the same appearance of 
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