I am trying to execute gimp-perl in cgi environment using apache webserver adn mod perl 5.6.0. however I got the following error

 [Fri Jan 12 11:07:40 2001] [error] protocol error (1) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.0/i386-linux/Gimp/Net.pm line 66. 

where I can find more information on gimp-perl executing in cgi enviroment? 
 The following is the source code of my perl script

#! /usr/bin/perl
use CGI;
use strict;
use Gimp;
use Gimp::Net;

my $q = new CGI;
my $userdir = $q->param("userdir");
my $tempdir = $q->param("tempdir");
my $titletext = $q->param("titletext");
my $menutext = $q->param("menutext");
my $pagenumber = $q->param("pagenumber");

print "User Directory: ",
 "\nTemplate Directory: ",
 "\nTitle Text: ",
 "\nMenu Text: ",
 "\nNo. of Pages: ",

 my $file = "/sitemakerpro/template/chip/screenshot.jpg";
 my $file1 = "/sitemakerpro/template/chip/screenshot1.jpg";
 my $imgX;
 my $imgY;
 my  $img =  Gimp->gimp_file_load(1,$file,$file);
 $imgX = Gimp->$img->width;
 $imgY = Gimp->$img->height;
 my $draw = Gimp->gimp_image_active_drawable($img);
 Gimp->$img->file_save ($draw,$file1,$file1)

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