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>       I was curious, how much support does X have for useful color calibration?

A lot. It depends on the server, and xfree does not do much. Basically, the
best you can do is to code it in your application.

However, you can calibrate your card/monitor combination and tell your
X-server about it, after which applications can query all neceessary
parameters (and do calulcations) with Xcms. Gimp does not implement this

>       I know that 4.0 adds gamma adjustment.

Hmm, how is this "added" gamma adjustment different to the gamma
adjustment in 3.x? ;)

> What about the coordiantes of the white point and primaries?

You can set them using properties on the root window, which Xcms
uses. Look for Xcms and XDCCC.

>       That is, is it possible to do anything meaningful with ICCs under X?

Poissible, yes, but not in practice (I don't know of any programs that
evaluate icc profiles, and no useful program that evaluates these).

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