All users of the Epson driver should take this release, particularly
if you've had problems with the very bottom of the print not printing
out and the page not ejecting (this is accompanied by a segmentation
violation if it happens).

The next release of gimp-print will include a major reorganization
that puts it more in line with GNU packaging standards.  This is a
somewhat emergency release because of large numbers of reports of
problems with 4.1.1.

Print 4.1.2 contains the following fixes and improvements over 4.1.1:

1) We believe this release contains an important bug fix that in some
   cases caused the Epson driver to seg fault upon completion.  This
   resulted in the page being slightly incomplete at the bottom, and
   in addition the page was not ejected.

2) Further improvements in quality (we believe) in Photograph mode.

3) Correct sizing for extremely tiny images in the Print plugin.

4) First cut at roll feed printing for the Epson Stylus Photo

5) Support for custom paper sizes in the Print plugin.

6) Initial support for the Lexmark 3200, and other improvements in the
   Lexmark driver.

7) Preliminary support for the Epson Stylus Photo 790/890/1290
   (followons to the 870/1270).

8) Fixes to the Debian installation.

9) Preliminary support for the Canon BJC-55 and BJC-85.

10) The Ghostscript Makefile snippets now contain a proper dependency
   on gdevstp-print.h.

11) Many internal changes to prepare for a major code reorganization
   that is coming up shortly.  These changes should be completely
   invisible at user level.

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