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Hi ezmlm program!

I have a feature request for Gimp. 

Doing tiled images for textures used in 3d worlds, the best method
I've found out isn't very good, it's the procedure of:

  1) make an image the right size that looks tiled
  2) tile it 2x2
   2a) did it tile? finished!
  3) fix the things that didn't tile
  4) crop the center of it to the right size
  5) repeat from 2

This procedure isn't that fun. I want a tiled view mode, which
shouldn't be too hard to do considering the view modes already handle
things as scale and scroll.

I made a mockup to express what I mean,


ie, it should be able to do two things;
First, just redraw the image tiled all over the view window.
Second, it should be able to do draw operations tiled over the borders
of the image (and layer), so you actually can work in this mode too.

Is this feasable? 

I would start working on this myself, but I can't find my way around
gimp, I don't know how much work it would be, I'm probably unable to
solve this problem the best way, and I don't know if my patch would be
appreciated anyway.

Maybe the feature already exist already, and I just can't find it.
But please don't tell me to use Filters->Map->Tile - if you were just
about to, read again. ;-)


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