On Fri, Dec 29, 2000 at 02:16:39PM -0600, Tim Mooney wrote:
> In regard to: Patches to 1.2.0 for --with-included-gettext and HP-UX 11.00,...:
> >3. Fix for AM_WITH_NLS on Solaris
> The patch for this problem is needed for more than just Solaris.  I've
> reported this particular problem on gimp-developer and elsewhere a couple
> times, and although it's really a problem with gettext 0.10.35, it's spread
> into virtually every package that uses gettext.
> I haven't tried your patch yet, but I think it's better than the one I
> have been using and have posted here and elsewhere.  It looks like yours
> handles cacheing appropriately, whereas mine did not.
> I would encourage you to submit this patch directly to the gettext
> maintainer(s), as it really needs to go in there too.

I was just about to when I realized this patch is against an earlier
version of AM_WITH_NLS (serial 5). The serial # from tar 1.13.19 is
108 and looks quite different. GIMP should incorporate the latest

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