>    Nope, that is not it.. Unfortunately, the Invert Bumpmap
> option works just like the Azimuth, it changes the direction
> of light 180 degrees, e.g. from NE to SW. That doesn't
> do much to create the "carved in" effect. 

??? what is carved in supposed to mean, then? the impression of height
in bumpmap is only achieved by the gradient ("the direction of light").

> In fact it is a bit redundant as you can always tweak the Azimuth
> value to achieve the "Invert Bumpmap" thing, unless of course, there
> is a bug in the way "Invert Bumpmap" is supposed to works...

invert bumpmap means what it says: invert the mode of operation.
>   otherwise in theory at least, a negative depth value will
> creat a sinking crater instead of a raised emboss... ??

yes. but that's what invert means. change the gradient so one has the
impression of a sunken (or raised, depending on the bumpmap) "crater".

>   This kind of thing is being done probably dozens of time
> for any single project and it should be made simple and
> easy to do... In PS there is a layers effect which can
> apply emboss/carve in a jiffy. Short of that one will have
> to create endless repetitive highlights and shadows just
> to carve in, and I am a bit too lazy to do that..;-)

a layer mode is nice of course, but invert still does the right
thing. no need for experiments. 


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