I'm writing a plugin in a mixture of Scheme and C.  The problem I'm
having is that when I call the Scheme code from C (using
gimp_run_procedure2 after registering the script with
script-fu-register), gimp_run_procedure2 returns immediately and the
script runs in another thread. 

I'd like to wait until the script finishes before doing anything
else.  Gimp doesn't seem to be thread safe, so about half the time the 
plugin will crash or show the wrong data.  Even if gimp was thread
safe I would still want to wait, but the result would be confusing
rather than catastrophic.

Another minor problem I have is that script-fu-register insists that
my scripts appear on a menu somewhere.  They're not meant for
interctive use so this is not appropriate, but I can't see a way to
prevent them from appearing in a menu.


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