When running make html-nn the stylesheets are not created in the folder html/nn.
Error messages:

Writing index.html for book(gimp-main)
error: file xml/nn/gimp.xml
xsltRunStylesheet : run failed
make: *** [html/nn/index.html] Error 11

Some suggestions why and what to do to fix it?.
No errors when validating the files.
(The images are copied correct).

There is another error too, but this is perhaps due to my updating of Cygwin to version 1.7:

Writing gimp-function-reference.html for part(gimp-function-reference)
No "nn" localization of "normalize.sort.input" exists; using "en".
No "nn" localization of "normalize.sort.output" exists; using "en".
runtime error: file file:///usr/share/docbook-xsl/xhtml/glossary.xsl line 36 element call-template
The called template 'id.warning' was not found.
Writing glossary.html for glossary(glossary)

The glossary is messed up, the rest of the html's looks well as far as I have found out by now.


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