Hi Julien,

julien (Tuesday, 02. February 2010)
> In de po files, image strings have a md5 sum instead of "THIS FILE
> How do you get this?

When you run xml2po you can specify one of several "modes" (e.g. 
docbook, gs, mallard, ubuntu, xhtml) which provide specific 
information about how to handle special elements or whether (and how) 
to pre-process an xml file.

So I've just added an additional mode named "gimphelp", derived from 
the default "docbook" mode (that's why we use "XML2POFLAGS = --
mode=gimphelp"), and have modified the routine which handles elements 
with a "fileref" attribute.

If you are interested in the glory details have a look at 
"tools/xml2po/modes/docbook.py" and 
"tools/xml2po/modes/gimphelp.py", where the "_output_images()" 
routine constructs the image file name.

BTW: I want to change the (default) autotools-based Makefile in
     the next days (weekend?) to use our customized xml2po.
     Last chance for objections!


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