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> On Fri, 1 Jan 2010 22:02:37 +0900
> RyōTa SimaMoto <liangtai...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Can anyone help for him to include this as official gimp
>> > doc translation?
>> Are you mean that the Japanese online help is not exist?  If you are
>> so,  It's my badness to be idle on asking the site manager for
>> placing the document on the official site, though I know that many
>> GIMP users on Japanese want that the new Japanese part of the
>> document is available on the Net.  I disregarded to order of it with
>> adding my name on the author list of the document until the next
>> package is coming to be released.
>> The site manager is not bad.
> Thank you for detailed explanation. I don't blame anyone.
> I just wondered why your great work does not exist on manual.gimp.org
> and www.gimp.org/docs/ and be included as official gimp-help package
>  (This is mainly intended in Linux, but this is an distributor's
> problem).
> I want to help for your work to be included as a Linux package. If I
> can help you, I'm very glad.

These work are somewhat painful. Because most people don't have spare
time in real life. So this your trying is so great. Good job!


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