2010/2/16 Byung-Hee HWANG <b...@izb.knu.ac.kr>:
> After i read above thing, i think that you have
> professional skill about C programing. That's good.
> By the way, i have to study more more more
> about that to make/edit something under C area.

No, I'm not an expert on C, but a long-years novice. :)
Actually once I wrote a configure.ac file and some
Makefile.am files for producing a toy application on
KDE2/Qt2 (C++).  It is very short skill.

The building system on the GIMP Help is very useful.
I can't write such a perfect makefiles. There are many
user-friendly functions, like the validation command which
find errors on all XML tags, and on path and name of image
files, and various utility commands for counting the current
progress statistics on PO files, or for quick test in short
draft output from one XML file,  and so on.
Try to call the usage list as:
  gmake help

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