2010/2/16 JiHui Choi <jihui.c...@gmail.com>:
> By the way, I'm really surprised of your work.
> A year ago, there was no Japanese translation
> for gimp-help-2, but one day you've translated all
> documents. How did you do that? Did you do
> only by yourself or with someone?
> As my known, translating work is very active in
> Japan. I believe we can learn something from
> your experience and knowledge about
> translating. If you don't mind, would you give us
> some advice? If you do that, I'll really appreciate
> to you and all Japanese translators.

My trouble is nothing in comparison.
Your admiration is excessive for me.
I'm sorry I have very few
something meaningful on my experiences.

Brief answer for your question:
 * I didn't use any translation support tool.
 * Whole Japanese part is translated only
   by myself.  (I'll welcome anyone.)
 * I come to believe this document is perfect for
   all beginner after reading the Part I. and the
   Part II., then I never had any doubt in this mission.
 * Viewing HTML output is necessary for me to
   keep vigor as well as to know what role each
   text has.
 * I show its progress on the Net as pilot snapshot
   pages to expect someone spots my mistake or
 * It is important to writing skill in English as
   well as translation sense for this project.
   Now I'm enjoying to learn the English composition
   on writing mails or describing complement texts
   for the document.

I have more stories, but I'm afraid they
may make the mailing list tedious.

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai...@gmail.com>
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