RyōTa SimaMoto (Tuesday, 16. February 2010)
> The Makefile contains "images/{C, common}". This shorthand
> is not allowed on the old /usr/bin/sh shell.  Actually, I installed
> bash too, and this shorthand is expanded properly as I expect.
> I run this 'make' action on the 'bash' environment, but the 'find'
> command was called internally with the old 'sh',
> then this shell warned and did not work correctly.
> Almost platform-depend problems caused by features and
> definitions on Linux products are avoided on *BSD operating
> systems by using some tricks and/or patch files.  I think there
> should be also some useful hacks on this issue, because it
> seems typical, but I did not know any essential solution for this.

In this special case we can simply rewrite the shell commands and 
everything should work fine on BSD.

But it's important that you report those problems -- or just provide 
patches to fix them.


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