RyōTa SimaMoto (Thursday, 04. March 2010)
> At <Image>/Filters/Render/Grid... filter,
> three terms of "Width", "Spacing", and "Offset" are
> not meaningful for the complicated intersection feature
> than for the grid lines.
> I send a patch file on the Bugzilla #611795.
> This patch adds two sample images to the document.
> I hope these images explain effects given by the three
> intersection options.

Yes, it looks like the intersection could be explained more detailed. 
But IMHO your images look a bit too complicate to me (with my too 
little brain?), especially the second one. My experience is that 
sometimes the meaning of an option is easier to recognize if you 
provide example images with a few different values -- e.g. like the 
attached images for the intersection offset.

Maybe we can combine the two approaches? (... unless I'm totally 
wrong, of course.)

> Source files in XCF are also available at

Good idea, but maybe we don't need source files:

If possible we should avoid images with text that we'd have to 
translate, otherwise we had to provide localized images as well, which 
means more work and more disk space.
The alternative is to use e.g. single letters, numbers, or symbols 
(like arrows) of different colors (but not too many colors) if 
necessary, and to move the translatable text to the caption or a para.


<<attachment: grid-offs-intersect-example.png>>

<<attachment: grid-offs-intersect-example2.png>>

<<attachment: grid-offs-intersect-example3.png>>

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