jhardlin (Wednesday, 31. March 2010)
> Well, I actually get this XDS dialog when dropping the thumbnail...
> Opensuse-11.0, GIMP-2.6, Konqueror.


I tried again (under openSUSE 11.2):
GIMP-2.6 (git 2009-09-28) saves a PNG file via GIMP's PNG dialog if I 
use GNOME and file manager Nautilus.
GIMP-2.7 (git 2009-10-27) saves it as "Unbenannt.xcf" 
(="Untitled.xcf") with GNOME & Nautilus.

Nothing happens with either Konqueror-4.3.5, Firefox-3.6.0, or 
But I found the string "File name for dropped contents:" in 
/usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/libkonq.mo (kde4-l10n-de-4.3.5), so 
it looks that this dialog window is Konqueror-specific.

If the behaviour really depends on desktop manager, browser / file 
manager, GIMP version, and more(?), shouldn't we then just write

        "... You can [...] click and drag this thumbnail to an enabled XDS
        file manager to directly save the corresponding image." 
        (period; no screenshot),

especially since we don't which dialog window a user will see?


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