Marco Ciampa (Thursday, 08. April 2010)
> Done:
> touch  src/tutorial/quickies.xml
> make html-it
> It doesn't work.

(Oh, we are not talking about!)

Did "make html-it" update the appropriate files:
        [POT] pot/tutorial.pot
        [PO]  po/it/tutorial.po
        [XML] xml/it/tutorial/....xml

I tried to build HTML from a git archive:

        $  git archive --prefix=gimp-help-2/ master | tar -xvf- -C /tmp
        $  cd /tmp/gimp-help-2
        $  ./ --without-gimp
        $  make html-{en,de,it,ja,...}

with this result:

        - html/it/gimp-tutorial-quickie-flip.html : translated
          (except first para)

        - html/ja/gimp-painting.html: translated

so it looks that it should work but things are messed up somehow 
(wrong timestamps, xml2po versions mix, or whatever).

Let's try brute force:

        # if you are curious:
        $  cp -a pot pot.backup
        $  cp -a po/it po/it.backup
        $  cp -a xml/it xml/it.backup

        $  rm -rf pot
        $  make pot
        $  find pot/ -name '*.pot' | xargs touch
        $  make po-it
        $  make xml-it
        $  make html-it

        # if you are curious:
        $  diff -ur pot.backup/ pot/
        $  diff -ur po/it.backup/ po/it/
        $  diff -ur xml/it.backup/ xml/it/
        # (tip: install colordiff from
        # and run "diff -ur ... | colordiff")
        $  rm -rf pot.backup po/it.backup xml/it.backup

(RyōTa, you may want to try it with "ja" instead of "it").

I hope this will solve your problems. (Otherwise I'll have to emigrate 
to Australia too...)


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