RyōTa SimaMoto (Saturday, 17. April 2010)
> First one is about the IFS Fractal Plugin.
> Pressing F1 key with pointing the menu entry of this
> plugin, "Document Missing" page is shown whereas
> its document exists.   The current id of the plugin is
> "plug-in-ifscompose", but the page's id is
> "plug-in-ifsfractal."  I don't know why they don't meet.

No mystery, simply a bug.
> According to the git log of the help document, this id
> was changed from "plug-in-ifscompose" to
> "plug-in-ifsfractal" two and half years ago.
> Actually, the plugin is renamed from "IfsCompose"
> to "IFS Fractal" at 13th November 2004, but its id
> (HELP_ID) "plug-in-ifs-compose" was not changed.
> http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/commit/?id=4cbef9ff1bcfd78f559b00c
> c55d26ab1725163ca The current style "plug-in-ifscompose" was
>  brought
> up at 12nd August 2005.
> http://git.gnome.org/browse/gimp/commit/?id=b6b126903d3a799b631ad00
> f4222409b3b32a205
> Can they coincide each other?

Again, no mystery. Apparently we changed the help-id and made a 
mistake for whatever reason (shit happens!). So we just have to 
correct it...

> The second question is about Animation Optimize
> Plugins.  The Optimize plugin is documented with
> id=plug-in-optimize.  GIMP has three procedures
> which seem to be also documented in that page:
> plug-in-animationoptimize,
> plug-in-animationoptimize-diff, and
> plug-in-animationunoptimize.
> When I call context help of them, the plugin's
> document doesn't show and the Missing
> Docs page appears.  Do these functions have
> relation to the Optimize's page?  If so, please
> add links for them.

It looks like "Unoptimize" is not documented at all. For 
plug-in-animationoptimize and plug-in-animationoptimize-diff we can 
add anchors to the xml file.

We also have to produce help-id entries (in html/*/gimp-help.xml) for 
anchors again (it was disabled because there were too many entries 
flooding the content tree of the gimp helpbrowser, but it seems that 
this is no longer a problem.)

(I have just added all these changes, please check.)

Apropos help-ids, I have a simple shell script (see attachment) for 
comparing GIMP's help-ids with the Manual ids. It's not too helpful, 
especially since I don't know which ids are relevant and which are 
not, but mayby someone can use it as a starting point to make it 
really useful?

The script looks for
        - "#define GIMP_HELP" in gimphelp-ids.h,
        - "#define BLABLA_PROC" in *.c, *.h,
        - "script-fu-register ..." in *.scm,
        - "register ..." in *.py,
and compares the extracted ids with those found in our gimp-help.xml.
The problem is that there are too many differences... 

If someone is curious: start the script with "--help" option to find 
out how to use it. (Just in case it wasn't clear: this script requires 
the GIMP source files.)


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