RyōTa SimaMoto (Monday, 03. May 2010)
> >> This script doesn't handle or color combos well,
> >> i.e. black/black doesn't work.
> > 
> > I don't understand this

I just didn't translate it...

IMO we should avoid to copy comments from the source file if we don't 
know what the author wants to tell us.

I also have a problem with another comment:

        "[The result] looks even better when gradmapped with a suitable

I guess "gradmapped" means "apply a gradient to something" (but what 
is going to be "mapped"?).
Is this a feature request and the author is talking to himself ("if 
the filter could add a suitable gradient to the traces the result 
would look even better")?  ;-)
If applying a gradient to the filter's result is a trivial task, why 
didn't the author add this feature. And if it's not trivial, why 
should we add this comment to the docs?

Ok, new topic ("and now for something completely different"):

You have described the steps to achieve the filter effect. I like the 
idea, I have tried the same for some of the alpha to logo filters. 
It's a nice way to integrate some mini-tutorials, to explain how to do 
something using the standard features/plugins.

However, I'm afraid many readers/users are not interested in these 
details, especially when they are reading the docs for the first time.

So meanwhile I think we should move all these descriptions of filter 
details/internals to separate <sect>ions at the end of the files. This 
way, the most general, relevant and important information is at the 
beginning, while towards the end the information is getting more 
specific and detailed. (Only the really interested reader will scroll 
down to the end of the page.)


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