Thanks everybody for the info. But indeed BoF is on Wikipedia, I just did not 
find it right away:

Birds of a Feather (computing)
>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As is LGM. And if they are not computer jargon, they at least are next of kin.

Of course I went to schools, long before computers existed. I just mean to say 
that, if someone would like something translated from English, French, German, 
to Dutch I might well give it a try. Provided I can use vi, or Notepad, or 
Wordpad, or MS-Word, or poedit, or perhaps Kompozer. And provided it is about 
something I appreciate like Tux Paint, or GIMP, or Inkscape, or Blender...

André Anckaert
Waregemstraat 10

Hi Andre :-)

Maybe wikipedia is not the bets place for some definitions.

For BoF  the meaning is "birds of a feather" meetings - and they are
on the official LGM program here:

On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 8:59 AM, Andre Anckaert <> wrote:
> I asked Wikipedia what "dblatex" was and it answered:
> Did you mean: dilated ??
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