Romanovski (@gimp.org) announces an imminent update of "a new release", writing:

> I hope we have another 2.6.1 release up this weekend.

I suppose he means the GIMP-documention = Usermanual? But with all due respect: 
For 2.6.1 ???

My (Dutch) GIMP 2.6.8 (sic: eight)has come, some year ago, with a Usermanual 
under the Help menu that has 2009 mentioned as latest year (of updating I 
suppose). And I suppose also that, when using F1, I will get what can be found 
there? (Or an OOPS!) The one currently "on line", also the (partly) Dutch one, 
has been updated, so it says, in 2010. And I see that meanwhile we can download 
already 2.6.9.

I remember having had great difficulties to have my F1-key really give me the 
help. Apart from not really well knowing what to do best: updating or not to 
GIMP 2.6.9 I hope this Help problem will not be repeated? That possibly the 
loader package will put everything required in the places GIMP will look for 

And the fundamental question is probably which Manual-version covers which 
GIMP-version?? As a user I would prefer F1 (and the manual itself) giving me 
exactly what my GIMP-version does.

André Anckaert
Waregemstraat 10

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