>pjbw skreiv:
>>> Thank you Owen. That got me started.
>>> It is working perfectly with my default Firefox browser but I would like
it to
>>> work in Internet Explorer on my secondary monitor. 
>>> The Help system says 'If you selected "Web browser", you must decide here
>>> which browser to use, and how to invoke it, by entering the command that
>>> be used to run the browser.'
>>> Can this be done for Windows XP Pro? If so, how?
>In my version of GIMP 2.6.9 on XP the drop menu "Help browser to use:" 
>contains two items: "The GIMP help browser" and "Web browseer". As the 
>help browser is not installed in the Windows version, I have to select 
>the web browser. This means the default browser set on the computer. 
>There are no possibilities to select between browsers. Perhaps some one 
>know how to do it by running GIMP from the (DOS) command line? These 
>commands (usually) are near the same as used for Linux.
Thank you,
I'll just have to run GIMP on my secondary monitor until I learn the basics
and until GIMP Help can send the required HTML files to a selected browser.

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