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David (Saturday, 16. October 2010)
> It's very unclear to a new user what "saves the displayed active
> selection to a thumbnail in front of the channel" means.

You're right.

> Doubtless everyone here knows, and is pointing with their
> finger - 'look, there it is!'
> I think it means "displays a thumbnail of the active selection on
> the channel dialog". Took me quite a while to work it out.
> (There's no "saving" involved; it's the dialog, not the channel.)

IMO we can simply remove this (and describe the quick mask in the 
"Qick Mask" section).
> I suggest that the text "There are many selection tools in GIMP
> like rectangular selection tool or fuzzy selection for continuous
> selections"  is removed - this must be known by anyone reading
> this. At least let's correct the grammar.

Removing seems ok to me - we are not in "Basic Concepts" section.

> Is this section trying to teach about the Quick mask, or about
> selections saved as channels? If the former, then figure 14.10
> should not head the section. If the latter then the text should
> not mention the Quick mask here.

Yes, we should remove the Quick mask stuff here.
> Nowhere that I can find does the text explain figure 14.10. I guess
> it is possible to combine selection masks in a single operation,
> but my efforts at clicking on eyes, links and the such-like have
> failed :(. The only way I can think to achieve the result shown in
> the figure is to use Shift and Ctrl keys while clicking on the
> 'Channel to Selection' button. In either case the text has to
> explain!

Again, you're right. The example assumes section "Managing channels" - "Channel to selection" is known. We 
should at least add a pointer to the relevant info.

> It would be helpful if the pop-up text in the application and the
> docs used the same description of this button (sigh - the app
> labels it 'replace the current selection...')

"Channel to Selection" is the name of the first selection item in th 
context menu (with pop-up help "Replace the selection with this 
channel"), and the list of buttons also shows the respective icons; so 
I think "Channel to Selection" is the best name here.

> When the button is mentioned in ' Using Selection Masks' I
> hadn't a clue where to find it - why not link somewhere (eg to
> higher up the page). I did guess, but because the button is
> differently labelled and is one among many I missed it.

I will add a link here.

> You can probably pick up a degree of my frustration ;) 

Oh yes...

> Only a new user can spot where the docs don't work well enough.



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