Den 24.10.2010 18:41, skreiv Bill Skaggs:
> I created the recompose filter and am reasonably familiar with the 
> others, although it's
> been a couple of years since I have worked with the code.  I'll be 
> happy to try to answer
> questions; I'm not up to writing a lengthy description right now though.
> Regard,
>   -- Bill Skaggs
Thank you!
Is there some documentation online somewhere?
Ulf has answered the most important question about the "Foreground as 
registration color".
I also have problems figuring out what the "recompose" filter does. If I 
use Compose on a picture (separated by the Decompose filter) and then 
try "Recompose" nothing happens. Perhaps I have misunderstood something?

At the moment I have not tested the three filters very systematical. 
Should perhaps have done it before asking. But at the time I have enough 
to do with preparing lots of images for printing. Using GIMP of course 
:-). Deadline next week.

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