Marco Ciampa (Wednesday, 17. November 2010)
> I will describe here a problem that I have with ubuntu 10.04.
> I am not shure that this is really a ubuntu problem.

I'm sure it's not an Ubuntu problem.

> ma...@lap2-ciampix:~/git-gnome/gimp-help-2$ make pdf-it
> [SRC] src/preface/authors.xml
> *** Making PDF (it) ...
> 'gimp.pdf' successfully built
> the errors:
> Missing character 최
> ....
> are due to this:
> ma...@lap2-ciampix:~/git-gnome/gimp-help-2/src$ grep -R "최" *
> preface/authors.xml:            <phrase>Choi
> Ji-Hui(최지희) (Korean)</phrase>
> ma...@lap2-ciampix:~/git-gnome/gimp-help-2/src$ grep -R "本" *
> preface/authors.xml:            <phrase>SimaMoto,RyōTa
> (島本良太) (Japanese)</phrase>
> ma...@lap2-ciampix:~/git-gnome/gimp-help-2/src$ grep -R "蔡" *
> preface/authors.xml:            <phrase>Cai Qian
> (蔡芊) (Chinese)</phrase>
> that apparently I am not able to compile correctly inside my
> italian pdf.
> Where is the problem?
> In Ubuntu or in the makefile or wherelse?

Makefile problem only if we fail to pass the correct parameters to 
dblatex. But I think it's a dblatex or LaTeX problem. 
(I don't know much more than how to type "dblatex" on the command 
line, though...)

> Any hint?

What if you remove or comment out any non-Italien 
translator/contributor names in xml/it/preface/authors.xml?
Or (maybe even better) just remove the original names if they contain 
Asian characters?

We/you can also consider commenting out the original Asian names in 
the main file 'stylesheets/authors.xml' (with a comment that these 
names are temporarily removed until we know how to properly create a 
PDF...). I think nobody will be offended if we do this.


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