Hello Ulf

> There are two ways to work/start:
> 1) The standard way is using autotools (automake, autoconf, etc.)

> 2) IMHO the autotools are a) bloated and b) overkill for our project,
> so I created a Makefile that should "just work"; all you have to do is
> to type
>       $  make -f Makefile.GNU ... LINGUAS=en

I'm afraid neither approach "just works" (both complain cryptically). Over the 
past couple of weeks I've not been able to justify spending more time on the 
technology, when what I want to do is help with the documentation - and it 
as if it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. I'm no less busy than 
anyone else here ;).

So regretably my ability to contribute is on hold. I am finding GIMP a very 
useful tool though.

Thanks for your help.

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