Dne 21.12.2010 07:42, Julien Hardelin napsal(a):
> Hi Miroslav,
>> well, i have no idea what is the rule now, but imo making extra work for
>> translation teams just because there was a typo in english version does
>> not make sense to me :-)
> You are right.
> But here what I get when applying patches:
> ~/gimp-help-2> git apply select_to_channel.patch
> ~/gimp-help-2> git apply access_to.patch
> error: patch failed: po/es/toolbox.po:2754
> error: po/es/toolbox.po: patch does not apply
> ~/gimp-help-2> git apply  magnify_to_zoom.patch
> error: patch failed: po/es/toolbox.po:183
> error: po/es/toolbox.po: patch does not apply
> ~/gimp-help-2> git apply duplicate.patch
> ~/git-patches/gimp-help-2>
> The es toolbox.po files has been updated after you made patches.
> The problem is that there are 1769 lines only in this file and that line
> 183 looks perfectly normal.
> Do you have a solution?
i will prepare you new patches, but it's a question whether the process
will be short enough so no po changes/commits will break it :-) if i had
direct access to repo, this would be much easier.
> Julien
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