Hi all!

YAMAKAWA Yoshinori, the current developer of Separate+ plug-in package for
GIMP, gives us some important notices.

concepts/color-management.xml: 169..171 and 174..176
   (Display Calibration and Profiling)
|   In addition there are further adjustments that are loaded into the video
|   card memory ...
|   ...
|   Probably under Windows XP or Mac OS, the operating system loads this
|   information (LUT) in the video card in the process of starting your
|   computer.
Is the result of 'adjustments' identical with 'this information (LUT)'?  If
so, please specify relation of them.

And in the same paragraph (line 171..173)
|   This information is stored in the monitor profile in the so-called vgct tag.
would be more preferable when it goes:
|   This information is stored in the monitor profile as vcgt tag.
Note that vcgt stands for "Video Card Gamma Table".  (This signature should
be written in lower letters, and we can't use <acronym> tags that capitalize
all letters between them.)

concepts/plugins.xml: 264 (Installing New Plugins / Apple Mac OS X)
|   <xref linkend="bibliography-online-darwinports"/> or darwinports,
and appendix/glossary.xml: 255..261
|   <biblioentry id="bibliography-online-darwinports">
|     <abbrev>DARWINORTS</abbrev>
|     <title>Darwin Ports Package Manager for OS X</title>
|     <releaseinfo>
|       <ulink url="http://darwinports.org";>http://darwinports.org</ulink>
|     </releaseinfo>
|   </biblioentry>
should be:
|   <xref linkend="bibliography-online-macports"/> or macports,
|   <biblioentry id="bibliography-online-macports">
|     <abbrev>MACPORTS</abbrev>
|     <title>MacPorts Package Manager for OS X</title>
|     <releaseinfo>
|   </biblioentry>
Because this project changes its name.  If you access darwinports.org, it
redirects itself to www.macports.org.

glossary/glossary.xml: 1428..1430 (glossterm=PDF)
|   As with PostScript, <acronym>GIMP</acronym>'s support of the PDF format
|   is through the free Ghostscript libraries.
should be removed, because PDF files are loaded by the file-pdf plug-in, which
runs with help by Poppler library, without Ghostscript.  A PDF file can be also
read by the file-ps plug-in which still requires help of Ghostscript, but
GIMP lets the file-pdf plug-in to take precedence over the file-ps plug-in on
this task.

And I think Yamakawa's project should be linked on the GIMP Documentation,
rather than the older project Separate plug-in that is introduced at the
glossary page as an experimental service of CMYK support for GIMP.  We may
update this introduction to include description about Separate+, (of course
this is not experimental), though Alastair M. Robinson, the original developer
of the former suspended project, gives a direct pointer to the newer project
on his home page with an honest message "you are strongly urged to use
his(:Yamakawa's) version instead of mine!", so that users from the GIMP
Documentation can easily access the newest plug-in package.

Separate+ project is here:

With cheers to the new year of GIMP's upgrade,
SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai...@gmail.com>
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