The GIMP-HELP-2 project is at present ticking over, probably waiting

Your arrival is a good thing to wake the project up. especially as an
English native speaker.
> First of all, how do things work in this project, in terms of process,
> decision-making, etc? My aim is to make the documentation better by
> changing things such as "how to be a gimp wizard" and other
> miscellaneous strange terms in the documentation, and make it easier for
> a user to find what they
> are looking for (wizardry, I suspect, is not among them).
> But obviously not all changes are well received by everyone, so what I
> most need to know, is who has the power to accept or reject changes? How
> do you review / discuss changes? Is the manual in other languages 100%
> identical to the English one and how does that affect my ability to
> change the English manual?

Roman is in charge of the project. He should have answered to your
question normally, but he is very busy for the moment.
Ulf is an important contributor, and knows XML, GIT... very well.
And me, Julien, who is working on the project since the beginning, and
had to get acquainted with SVN, GIT, XML, GETTEXT...
These three persons are permanent contributors. Some other bring
intermittent contribution.

> I think until I figure that out I'll restrict myself to learning the
> system, and cut my teeth on some low-hanging fruit such as finding
> instances of "The Gimp" and replacing them with "Gimp".

It must be GIMP (<acronym>GIMP</acronym> in XML files).

> Now, to technical matters: Working with GIT and the XML.
> I'm on Ubuntu 10.10, and have downloaded a copy of the GIT repository as
> described in the "help us" page. Now, the thing is, I'm no programmer.
> I'm familiar with version control - specifically Microsoft Team
> Foundation server (at work), but I've never really worked on code, just
> art resources. So I'm kinda lost when it comes to GIT. Is there a
> recommended front end / GUI to access it? Or do you do all your checkout
> and commits in the terminal? As an artist I'm much more GUI-oriented.

GIT is difficult. You will find good tutorials on the WEB
(http://www.spheredev.org/wiki/Git_for_the_lazy for instance).
You don't have to know all about GIT to start.
You easily understand that you can't push your fist files to the git
repository directly. You can send them to me personnally, so that I can
verify them.

> I browsed the repository and I see help pages are written in XML. Do you
> hand-code everything, or do you have some easier way to write pages in
> an editor? And is there documentation on how to write said XML or do I
> just read the existing pages and do my best to emulate that?

Yes, we write documentation with a text editor (I use Kate). For new
files, you will find templates in gimp-help-2/docs/templates.

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