Am Mittwoch, 07. September 2011, 17:10:52 schrieb Alexandre 
> It looks like 2.8 is a couple of months away. Personally I'm ready
> to start documenting new stuff, but not sure if I should do it in
> master. We've had some big translation commits lately, so how
> about:
> 1. Branching the current state now to make a new release later this
> month (everyone can commit translation updates to the branch until
> the release)
> 2. Starting to work on new docs?

A new 2.6 branch seems to be the easiest way to me.

(Maybe making a new branch for GIMP-2.8 docs and later merging it with 
the master branch is "more logical" - since GIMP-2.8 is not released. 
But if merging fails ...)


PS: If you make a new branch, remove "obsolete/gimp-help-2-6-0" to 
prevent any confusion.

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