Den 09.04.2018 08:25, skreiv Marco Ciampa:
On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 02:08:24PM +0200, Kolbjørn Stuestøl wrote:
I downloaded GIMP 2.10 .0 RC1 version to give it a try.
But the  help manual is missing.
How do I add this help manual to GIMP  on my computer?
Where do I find a description on how to add this manual?
Where do I find the download version of this manual? The only one I am able
to find is the online version. Downloading each side and adding it to the
help folder is not a clever way to add help files.

I have copied the help folder from version 2.9.8 to share → gimp → 2.0 →
help → [folder with language code], but there must be a better way to do


Hi Kolbjørn!
sorry for being so late to reply.
I can compile one version for you and send it to you.
You just have to tell me where do I have to put it and which formats do you 
Sorry I am not able to create a windows binary package, just the raw compiled 

Best regards,

Thank you, Marco.
As a translator I am able to make and install the help files myself. But thank you for your offer. I was not thinking of myself, but of peoples without this knowledge. So  to be more precise: Where do people without your and my knowledge download the help files from? How to install the help files in a local computer? Where do people find the documentation on how to do this?

Perhaps something like LibreOffice: Download the installer and run it to install LibreOffice. The download page offers a download of the help files in my (and other) language. When downloading the help files and installing them using the installer program, they installs automatically in the right place in the LibreOffice folder.
(My installation: GIMP 2.10 in Windows 10 if that matter).

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