Today I got this error compiling the help pages:

make status-it
[POT] pot/glossary.pot
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./tools/", line 190, in <module>
  File "./tools/", line 183, in main
  File "/home/marco/git/gitlab/gnome/gimp-help/tools/xml2po/", line 
570, in to_pot
    self.current_mode.preProcessXml(doc.doc, self.msg)
  File "/home/marco/git/gitlab/gnome/gimp-help/tools/xml2po/modes/", 
line 88, in preProcessXml
    root = doc.getRootElement()
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/", line 4292, in 
    if ret is None:raise treeError('xmlDocGetRootElement() failed')
libxml2.treeError: xmlDocGetRootElement() failed
Makefile:1202: recipe for target 'pot/glossary.pot' failed
make: *** [pot/glossary.pot] Error 1
marco@marco-N24-25JU:~/git/gitlab/gnome/gimp-help$ git pull
Already up to date.

What's going on? It used to work until after commit
c9b113c29f413f7cfda9008c3aff09c7e3f37753 (mine) ... then the error ...
please _before_ committing _any_ patch, check the compilation!!!


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