Hi people,
I am stuck with this really strange error during gimp manual compilation
after some recent manual edits (last?).

make validate-en is ok
make validate-it is not ok (although I did not committed anything)

and _this_ is strange...

if I do this in po/it/filters/map.po:

#: src/filters/map/recursive-transform.xml:239(para)
#: src/filters/map/little-planet.xml:108(para)
msgid ""
"Interpolation methods are described in <include href=\"../about-common-"
msgstr "I metodi di interpolazione sono descritti in < i n c l  u d e 
href=\"../about-common-features.xml\" / >"

so I disable this include... it works!

If I fuzzy this string ... it does not work anymore!!!!

Any hint on how to fix this?

BTW I see that this problem affect more than one language ...


Marco Ciampa

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