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> Hi,
> We are translating GIMP user manual for Marathi language.
> Some of the PO files we translated.
> I could not understand how to perform translation of images.
> using make po we got  mr folder in po
> but in gimp-help/images folder mr folder is not get created.
> How to do for images?
> Please any one help us in this regard.

I can describe how I do it myself (I'm a translator in Italian):

I compile and apply the freshly translated .po files to the program that
I compile from the ufficial git repository, then I take screenshots of
the translated dialogs, cut them to suit my needs (usually with GIMP
itself) and commit those translated images.

I know, it's a hard work, I have been doing it for more than fourteen
years now...


Marco Ciampa

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