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> I'm realy confused here. The .sgml file was edited just 3 weeks ago to
> fix a typo, and a month ago someone made a big submit to add meson.build
> files to the repository including the Phyton docs for the Meson Build
> System. Though the .html files for the Phyton Docs have not be updated
> for more than a year, so the changes made are not reflected to the enduser.

Updating the files on the web would be a manual process.  Right now, the
files are also part of the GIMP source tree, and that is neither part of
the website nor the docs building process.

> Trying to build the .html files from the .sgml file using make seems to
> require *db2html *program installed.

The "db" there is short for DocBook, and the SGML file looks like it's
written in DocBook.

> pygimp.html: pygimp.sgml
> cd $(srcdir) && db2html --nochunks pygimp.sgml
> cd $(srcdir) && mv pygimp/*.html .
> rm -rf $(srcdir)/pygimp
> db2html is a Linux tool and there is another tool with the same name for
> database stuff.

DocBook shouldn't be exclusive to Linux, but that will undoubtedly be
the platform where you'll find the required tools the easiest, i.e.
right in the distro's package management.

> *So how do I build the .html files from the .sgml file in windows?*

By finding and installing the db2html tool for Windows.

> *Is it required that the doc is written in an .sgml file? Can I convert
> the .sgml to an .html and get rid of the .sgml?*

If you convert anything, then it might be worth to consider to move the
Python docs to the gimp-web module and making them part of the normal
website build process. The file format for the content source there is
MarkDown, and we use Pelican to generate the html from that.

> *When the file structure of the documentation changes, will it still
> load properly by the current link to the docs?*

We can add redirects if necessary.

P.S. the gimp-docs list is mostly about the user manual available at
docs.gimp.org, this topic would have been more suitable for the
gimp-developer mailing list or the #gimp IRC channel.

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