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> Hello,
> Sorry if this is the wrong mailing list, I was a bit confused where to
> relay my question.
> I am a game developer. I use GIMP a lot. I want to include the GIMP logo on
> a splash screen and the credits screen of my game, the way Unity logo
> appears on Unity-made games, or the way the CryEngine logo appears on games
> made with CryEngine.
> Is it okay to use the GIMP logo for this purpose?
> I would include a disclaimer that notifies the player that the logo(s) on
> the screen do not equate endorsement by said products and that it simply
> means that the software was used in the making of the product.
> Please let me know if this is acceptable.
> Kind regards,
> Carlos Budet

For the sake of curiosity, is possible to know which game is this?


Marco Ciampa
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