Hi Arman,
Yes, you can help with translating the GIMP manual to Indonesian. That 
would certainly be welcome.

To do that make an account on Gnome's translations website and apply to 
become a member of the Indonesion Translation Team.


After that you can go to the GIMP User Manual page there


Since we have no Indonesian translations yet, you will have to download the 
pot files for the different parts of the manual and start translating those 
a po editor.

When you are finished with a part I think the usual procedure is to send it to 
the head of your translation team or maybe you can upload it on that website. 
Since I don't have an account there I can't see that but I'm sure the correct 
procedure will be explained to you by your team.

Normally after your translation has been checked the head of your team will 
commit it to our repository.


Jacob Boerema

On 26 May 2021 at 18:54, Arman Arisman via gimp-docs-l wrote:

Hi, there..

My name's Arman from Indonesia. I'm an architect and designer. I really like 
to contribute in GIMP project. I have no background in programming, but I 
think I could give my contribution in translating GIMP Documentation to 
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Languange). Can I do that? And how?

Thanks and regards,

Jacob Boerema
https://www.jacobboerema.nl/ (genealogie en bronbewerkingen)
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